shefaway mandala ~ light up your home!!!!!!! (החנות באנגלית מוכרת הדפסים בלבד ללא מסגרות)

My name is Efrat

I am an holistic healer and mandala artist from Israel. I discovered the fascinating and enchanting world of sacred geometry and mandala art few years back, in a time when my heart was seeking healing and prosperity. I started drawing mandalas in a quest for deep inner peace, tranquility and focus, and discovered an amazing world. I never stopped creating new mandalas since then.

Since I started creating my mandalas, a tremendous channel of abundance was opened in my life, that keeps growing with every new day. My inner quest is to spread this vibration of abundance  to the whole world, and share my healing art with everyone. 

I truly believe that abundance and prosperity are existing everywhere and available to all of us, if we only learn how to embrace that vibration into our lives and grow to wherever we like and desire.

This state of mind is the creative source of my mandala art – a place of growth, abundance, healing and blessing.

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