shefaway mandala ~ light up your home!!!!!!! (החנות באנגלית מוכרת הדפסים בלבד ללא מסגרות)

Black & Gold Collection

The Black & Gold Collection contains 3 prints of original mandalas I have created during the winter of 2018, with the inspiration of of my life journey which has taken me to so many magical places in both the inner and outer worlds.

Our heart journey is abundant with reflecting mirrors, hinting signs and offerings of the right directions. If we listen well, they will always lead us back right to the center of the circle - to the eternal kingdom of of our true majestic peaceful self. 

The Black & Gold mandala prints are available in two sizes: 16”*16” and 20”*20”, printed on high quality 300gr chromo paper with an extra fine print layer of shining golden foil.