shefaway mandala ~ light up your home!!!!!!! (החנות באנגלית מוכרת הדפסים בלבד ללא מסגרות)

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greeting cards

The greeting cards gallery features the crown collection of mandalas with a dedicated blessing wish.

Each pack contains 9 cards and 9 matching envelopes, sized 6”*4”.

The greeting cards are printed on quality “Dolce Vita” paper decorated with a shining golden foil layer.

Golden mandala greeting cards are a great way to express and deliver a vibration of abundance to your loved ones.

Free shipping worldwide for purchase over $70

Shipping \ Returns

Shipping time is between 14-21 working days. The greeting cards are packed and shipped in a hard cardboard box and the mandala prints in a hard cardboard tube.

Returns: If you are not happy with what you have received,  please contact me at +972504399329 and I will try to help. If you are still not satisfied, you can send the product back to me in new condition [within 14 working days of receiving the product] and you will receive the full amount back, not including shipping.

A bit on the creative process

I draw my original mandala art on wood, ceramics and canvas using acrylic paints. Every new creation is thoroughly scanned and printed on high quality 300gr chromo paper with a golden foil print that shines back the fine details of the mandala according to the amount and angle of light falling on it.