shefaway mandala ~ light up your home!!!!!!! (החנות באנגלית מוכרת הדפסים בלבד ללא מסגרות)

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~ Power Trio ~ 20"*20"

Three enchanted and majestic power mandalas, size 20"*20" on dark background, together at a special price of only $109 instead of $207!

On the left - Love mandala - Mandala of power, wisdom and spiritual presence. Reflects our ability to fearlessly take space, and be at the center of our full glory as an inseparable part of the whole existence. 

In the center - Dream time mandala - Red Earth and wild nature. Supports lucid dreaming, consciousness above time and vision beyond the horizonConnects to the primordial source of enlightenment above and beyond the cycle of life and death.

On the right - Magic mandala - Enchanted golden meditative mandala. Supports third eye vision and clairvoyance. Energetic channel of divinity and festivity.

Three golden mandala prints, size 20”*20”, printed on high quality 300gr chromo paper with an extra print layer of shining golden foil.

~ Love and abundance to all ~

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Shipping \ Returns

Shipping time is between 14-21 working days. The greeting cards are packed and shipped in a hard cardboard box and the mandala prints in a hard cardboard tube.

Returns: If you are not happy with what you have received,  please contact me at +972-50-439-9329 and I will try to help. If you are still not satisfied, you can send the product back to me in new condition [within 14 working days of receiving the product] and you will receive the full amount back, not including shipping.


Golden framing is recommended, but many other frame colors and designs will interact beautifully with the mandalas, according to your own personal taste.

I would love for you to send me pictures of the mandala framed.

A bit on the creative process

I draw my original mandala art on wood, ceramics and canvas using acrylic paints. Every new creation is thoroughly scanned and printed on high quality 300gr chromo paper with a golden foil print that sparkles back the fine details of the mandala according to the amount and angle of light falling on it.

Mandala prints are available in two sizes: 16”*16” and 20”*20”

The prints are shipped rolled in poster tubes, ready for framing in your own preferred style.