~ Turquoise Trio - Best Sellers - Special offer ~

~ Star of David Trio ~

The Star of David is one of the strongest ancient symbols of the mystics that resonates with a vibration of power, protection and determination to strongly withstand life turmoils and pass them safe and unharmed. 

I have collected for you with love the three most powerful and intricate mandalas that are based on the Star of David sacred geometry, to protect and defend every room in your home, for a special price of $111 only, instead of $207 when purchasing the same three mandala prints separately!

The three Mandalas included in the Star of David Trio are:

~ Royalty ~

Noble and festive mandala, reminding us that shining bright is always an open choice, and that we are the fertile and abundant center of our own inner kingdom.

~ Merkaba ~

Strong and rooted presence mandala - Connecting deep secrets and ancient wisdom. Golden royal seal of ancient visionaries!

~ Family Soul ~

Blessed mandala of home and family. Star of David sacred geometry holds vibration of protection and good health. Supports balance and prosperity.


Three golden mandala prints, size 20”*20”, printed on high quality 300gr chromo paper with an extra print layer of shining golden foil.

~ Love and abundance to all ~

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